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Life Without Polyethylene Glycol, or its Friends

Learn to Live Well with a Glycol Allergy

Welcome to Life Without Glycols! If you’ve just discovered you have a sensitivity or allergy to polyethylene glycol, you’ll need to learn how to find it, how to avoid it, and what alternatives there are.

This is a site where you can find resources and share your experience living a life free of glycol compounds. While it takes quite a bit of detective work and assertiveness, it is possible to live without glycols.

This site is for people with allergies to glycol compounds, for health care practitioners, and for anyone wanting to know about life with an allergy to ubiquitous, invisible ingredients. Please contact me if you have resources to add or questions.

I’m not a medical professional – just a person with a serious allergy to a set of commonly found and often invisible ingredients. This site is only for informational purposes and not to take the place of medical diagnosis or treatment.

I hope it helps you live better.
Amber Lee Dennis

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Your doctor or pharmacist can be your greatest ally – if they understand. Find ways to get your health care providers the information they need to give you good care

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How to Find Glycols

Learn how to be a label detective so you can safely avoid reactions to inactive ingredients

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