I Want a COVID Vaccine That Won’t Kill Me!

No Nanoparticles, Please!


I Want a Vaccine That Won’t Kill Me

I am not a medical professional, and I am not anti-vaccine. I want to be vaccinated for COVID19 as soon as possible (after those who are higher priority, of course). But due to my allergies to glycols, it’s not safe for me to take the Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZenica vaccine. I am hoping and praying that the Novavax vaccine is PEG, polysorbate and glycol-free so I can get vaccinated.

Otherwise healthy at 65, I am in a high-risk category due to my allergies to glycols. Because they are inactive ingredients, either I need to be lucid enough to check every product insert before it’s given to me, or I need to have done that process in advance, or I need someone with me who can check product inserts for me. None of these scenarios is possible with COVID19. This virus is highly contagious and deadly, so NOT being vaccinated is equally risky.

If you are considering getting the COVID19 vaccine, (which I’d encourage you to do, if you are able) especially if you have had anaphylactic reactions to glycols, for your own safety, talk to your doctor about whether or not the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are safe for you. If you are concerned and are able to safely do so, you might want to wait for a vaccine without PEG. Know that waiting is also a risk, however.

Weigh your options wisely and take very good care of yourself.

There are so many terrible things that have come with this virus. A follower who wishes to remain anonymous sent the link (below) to an article about the decreased effectiveness of medications when the body is reacting to PEG nanoparticles.

Maybe the increased attention on PEG in nano-particles will make drug manufacturers and medical professionals see the importance of finding alternatives to PEG and other glycols in medications. That would be such a good thing.

Please stay safe,